guitar amplifier made from a radio , awa amp ,ipod mp3 player hacked hack how to make build

i converted this amp a while back, it has lots of good vibes , and likes to be played , so it sits near my work table where i can get to it, it was a AWA radio , and the two speaker cabs sat on either side of the top unit with wires leading to the speakers, much as other typical stereo systems, its hard to see it as anything but a amp now , when i bought this amp i noticed that the head unit amp and the speakers were exactly the same dimensions, and this lead to the logical configuration you can see here, the speakers and head have been glued and screws used to make one solid unit, also handles have been placed on either side to make carrying it easy, its actually very light , just big tho. i should have shown the back , as i have done very tidy work back there , and all the wiring is nice, the open back , closed back config is as far as i know quite original , and being able to mix the two via balance controls is something that should be on more amps i think, or at least worth a look. all in all its a very cool amp. or not , you decide :) tags: amplifier amp guitar shred solo radio hacked hack make build player cd player tape deck changed converted amps tube tubes how to home made boombox boomes boom box boombox’s ghettoblaster ghetto blaster getoblasta gtto blasta ipod ipad mp3 player record player hacked amp

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